Mission and Values

Mission Statement (draft)

AASFAA’s mission is to provide an association which promotes the professional growth and collaboration of its members, and address the needs of students, families, and institutions in matters related to financial and information resources.

Values of the Alabama Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (draft)

AASFAA values: Professionalism

Each AASFAA member is expected to pursue personal and professional development.  The growth of our Association depends on the growth of our members.  Excellence is our common goal and professionalism is our standard.

AASFAA values: Integrity

As financial aid administrators, we have fiscal responsibilities as stewards of public, local, institutional and private funds.  We must fulfill this responsibility in a legal, ethical and trustworthy manner.  As AASFAA members, we expect and encourage excellence and quality in all our professional endeavors.

AASFAA values: Diversity

As our society grow more diverse, creating an environment of inclusiveness and respect is more important than ever.  Each individual offers a perspective from which all can gain knowledge and skills, and should encourage all members of the profession to listen to, understand and learn from each other.

Adopted by the AASFAA Executive Board on August 10, 2007.